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 GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015

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Leggo Silverstar

Leggo Silverstar

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GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015 Empty
PostSubject: GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015   GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015 EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 1:48 am

We are having a GAR wide meeting later today, the 8th of August 2015, at 2pm SLT. At this time we are planning to meet at the training arena on the new Onderon sim. If you don't have a landmark IM me in world for a teleport or get on GACC and find someone who knows where to go.
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Leggo Silverstar

Leggo Silverstar

Posts : 39
Join date : 2015-04-04

GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015 Empty
PostSubject: Re: GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015   GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015 EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 7:32 pm

[14:10] Leggo Silverstar: So, for starters, I'll talk about the obvious, the new Onderon sim.

[14:11] Leggo Silverstar: I've tried to get a hold of Andy but no can do so...the building of our new base largely falls on me. If anyone wants to help, especially good builders, please let me know. I was up all night last night mentally designing the new base and solving scripting problems before I ever encountered them in world.

[14:11] Leggo Silverstar: (Actually didn't fall asleep until after 5am.)

[14:12] Sophia Naumova: ::raises hand::

[14:12] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): ill help out where i can, primming is my business Razz))

[14:12] Leggo Silverstar: But, what's actually more important than that, and must be my first priority, is setting up a new armor vendor. I have all the parts, but Andy always did that in the past so I've got to put the parts back together myself. We actually have someone waiting to join as soon as we get the vendor up. Go Sophia.

[14:12] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( Ooh! Ooh! ME ME ME ME! I can build shiz and stuffs. I'll likely need textures and scripts. ))

[14:13] Leggo Silverstar: Alayni has offered to do textures and if I can't script something I'm sure Tyro can.

[14:13] Leggo Silverstar: I will get with you two after the meeting to get started on the new base here.

[14:13] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): ((does this mean i get to dig out my old 4.0 engineers armor? Razz))

[14:13] Leggo Silverstar: We are premitted 300 prims to play with and it will be built 800m above the jungle level.

[14:13] Leggo Silverstar: YES!

[14:14] Leggo Silverstar: Wear your Engineer armor while building, even if it's old, just for fun of course. Wink

[14:14] Leggo Silverstar: Okay, next I'll touch on an issue that arose yesterday. The armor and its server.

[14:14] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): We do have an Engineer skin for this armor set.

[14:14] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): iif we could have a scaled model of the base, something simple in prims, to work on that, would be awesome))

[14:14] CT-J-3137 "Sparks" GAR Lance Corporal (Udesla) doesn't have engineering armor. Instead she has an engineers safety helmet.

[14:14] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): And yes, I just got the armor server warning a second time after changing skins.

[14:15] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( If we use new advanced Mesh physics, we can likely almost double the number of primitives we can use to build. That's how the Venator only has a land impact of about 80 while being 140 prims. ))

[14:15] Jonathan 'WildFire' Richmond (JonMichaelKing) is offline.

[14:17] James (TheMinion) is online.

[14:17] Leggo Silverstar: Well, I honestly don't think it's a big deal. The problem seems to correct itself if your relog, so these things seem to be single instances. I got the error a couple of weeks ago and then never got it again. Something good has come of it though. It got me talking to Tyro and he needed some help from me to continue working on his next armor update (which will include a full new texture set) and, hopefully, I gave him what he needs so he can continue on the update. He expects that this new update will be nigh unbreakable and shouldn't have these random glitches.

[14:18] Leggo Silverstar just caught a glimpse of himself typing and hates himself and cannot wait to find the time to update his typing animation.

[14:18] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): "Unbreakable" have you met us?
[14:18] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): has he met us*

[14:18] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): xD))

[14:18] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Indeed.

[14:18] Leggo Silverstar: :-P

[14:19] Leggo Silverstar: Just let him play. Either way, it's an update.

[14:19] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): 10-4

[14:20] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( Gasps! ))

[14:20] Leggo Silverstar: One sec. Loading.....

[14:20] Leggo Silverstar:

[14:21] Leggo Silverstar: This is our history. Not our IC history, our REAL history.

[14:21] Leggo Silverstar: It covers pretty much up until Fourth Dimension, especially the older stuff.

[14:22] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): isnt this the wiki we all got a charactor page on?

[14:22] Leggo Silverstar: I think that's actually the SWRP wiki, not the Second Life one.

[14:22] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): ah

[14:22] Leggo Silverstar:

[14:23] Leggo Silverstar: That's the SWRP one. What I believe is possibly most valuable there is that Shock Trooper Cory Toonie's journals are actually saved online and there are links to them on that page.

[14:23] Leggo Silverstar: However, both of these are in need of some serious updating.

[14:23] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Thank goodness.

[14:23] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): It's been difficult trying to explain where our clones come from since I've heard so many different stories.

[14:24] Leggo Silverstar: Well, here are some valuable historical resources for you all. I'm going to see if I can get together with some people and get these pages up to date. I'm not sure who can access them, but if anyone is interested in lending a hand, please let me know.

[14:24] Leggo Silverstar: That is, lending a hand updating them.

[14:25] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( I fancy myself as a historian of sorts, but I'm not sure what I could all add without messing things up. ))

[14:26] Leggo Silverstar: Well, the history you know largely comes after the history recorded, at least on the Second Life page.

[14:26] Leggo Silverstar: So you would just be adding stuff on at the appropriate spot without really touching what all was left behind.

[14:27] Leggo Silverstar: Just....don't get too detailed. It's kind of an overview with just necessary details to the story of GAR, not so much individuals.

[14:27] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( I'll give things a look over and see what I can do. ))

[14:27] Leggo Silverstar: Thank you.

[14:28] Leggo Silverstar: Trying to remember all I wanted to talk about. I got real excited thinking about it last night.

[14:29] Leggo Silverstar: Oh yes.

[14:29] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): Razz))

[14:29] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): lel

[14:30] Leggo Silverstar: So, the duty roster. I talked about implementing it at the last meeting. However, since then, we've only really had one outpost, Dantooine, so there was no real reason to implement it. Once Onderon is up and running I'll probably get back on that, and it will largely be managed on the forums, at least for now.

[14:30] Leggo Silverstar: Tournaments. How many of you have heard me talking about tournaments or seen the locked forum about them?

[14:30] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar) nods. "I have"

[14:30] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): We used to participate in tournaments with Artus Prime.

[14:30] Leggo Silverstar: Perhaps I should ask how many of you haven't.

[14:31] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): i heard of them yeah

[14:31] Leggo Silverstar: Okay. I'll do a brief overview of what's to come.

[14:31] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( I've been out of the loop. I know nothing about tournaments. ))

[14:31] Leggo Silverstar: So I'm planning to start holding tournaments in GAR, probably in this very arena.

[14:32] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood) revs up the meter machine.

[14:32] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): AWWW YEAH SON

[14:32] Leggo Silverstar: The tournaments will be official and scores will be kept on the forums, cumulative scores that will result in a declared victor at the end of a season, and hopefully prizes, depending on what I can cook up.

[14:33] Leggo Silverstar: This is still in the planning stage but is definitely taking form.

[14:33] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Awesome, awesome.

[14:33] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): medics cant bear arms unless in direct danger, ill take spit

[14:34] Leggo Silverstar: I am currently looking at four different types of events. One on one. Two (or four) teams of two. Two teams of four. Large free for all.

[14:34] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): I am a METER HOUND.

[14:34] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): You can be on my team, friend..

[14:34] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): lel

[14:34] Leggo Silverstar: Of course, at this point, we probably can't do two teams of four because of our lack of numbers.

[14:34] Leggo Silverstar: But we'll work up to that.

[14:34] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Our medics do carry weapons, but mine doesn't.

[14:34] Leggo Silverstar: In the locked forum eventually I'll open it up and allow you to organize your teams etc.

[14:35] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Not enough time to dedicate to large scale rp right now thanks to college. :l

[14:35] Leggo Silverstar: Once teams are organized they will be locked in for the season and you cannot change them.

[14:36] Leggo Silverstar: Also, you guys will have to strip off attachments to compete and what weapon you can use will be specified so that it is a completely level playing field. It will be skill that wins, not the best weapon.

[14:36] Blitz (Vash Plaid) is online.

[14:36] Leggo Silverstar: Things like that.

[14:36] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): I need to get Mag to change my ID, since I've retired Spitfire. He's had enough of imo.

[14:36] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Like that idea a lot Leggo.

[14:36] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): we got any weapons that can be used at the "Baseline"?

[14:36] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( Time to build a new gaming machine. ))

[14:37] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): seems fair

[14:37] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): RHCS comes with weapons and GAR has had a few weapon vendors before.

[14:37] Leggo Silverstar: You better get on the forums Adala. Wink You'll have to organize your team from there etc.

[14:37] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Hahaha.

[14:37] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): what would happen to teams with absent members?

[14:37] Leggo Silverstar: I may work with Vash to build us a new DC-15s specifically for these events.

[14:37] Leggo Silverstar: Absent for the event?

[14:37] Leggo Silverstar: They would be disqualified.

[14:37] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): yees

[14:37] Leggo Silverstar: However....

[14:37] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): that would affect the team they are part of?

[14:38] Leggo Silverstar: That team would be disqualified.

[14:38] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): oh, evil

[14:38] Leggo Silverstar: To try to avoid that, it may be possible for a team of two to have three members. Only two may compete at any event but if one cannot show up than the spare can fill in.

[14:38] Leggo Silverstar: We'll work some of those details out later.

[14:38] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): alright

[14:39] Leggo Silverstar: I'm trying to think if there is anything else.

[14:40] Leggo Silverstar: Nothing specifically comes to mind (besides promotions) so I'll make a brief summation for the latecomers and then open up the floor for people to and order fashion, so please raise your hands and I'll call on you.

[14:41] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Yo.
[14:41] CT-5052 "Jumpstart" raises hand.

[14:42] Leggo Silverstar: In short, this is new Onderon. We are standing in an arena created for us that will likely house our tournaments. We need to build a new HQ here so if you'd like to help, get with me as I will be organizing it. I found some awesome historical resources for GAR, but they need to be updated so if you have something to add to the GAR history pages, get with me. Once we have a second outpost/base I'll start implementing the Duty Roster which will be based on the forums for now. And tournaments are get ready for some awesome meter combat.

[14:43] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): I've got some good stuff, if you don't mind me stepping up for a bit.

[14:44] Leggo Silverstar: Oh. I didn't realized Jumpstart was you. I was searching for him while you talked. :-P

[14:44] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Okay folks, two things. Pilot Corp can take new members at LCPL level still, even though most sims now-a-days don't allow vehicles. If you'd like to be icly trained as a pilot and oocly learn how to fly our vehicles I can do that. You just have to poke me about it to make sure I'm not knee deep in college assignments.

[14:46] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Second thing is Medical Corp. Cutter and I plan on revamping it once he's out of combat medic training and I complete my NREMT, which makes me a Nationally Registered Emergency Technician-Basic level. At the moment, I'm not sure how he wants the corp to function before the training / material is updated, but when I see him, if it's not to late, I'll definitely ask and give y'all the run down.

[14:47] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Other than that, I am still a Dantooine GM. I've also furnished our new base there. If you guys want to collectively look it over and make suggestions for stuff inside of it or have things removed / moved, please tell me! I am over our allowed prims, because 30 is not enough to furnish an open floor plan at all pls Otacons.., so let's try not to go nuts.

[14:47] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): That's all I have to say really.

[14:47] Leggo Silverstar: Cool! Thank you.

[14:47] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Uh wait, Advanced Pilots.

[14:47] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar) raises hand

[14:47] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Or I'll wait and let him go. Hur, Hur, Hur...

[14:47] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar) lowers hand been answered

[14:47] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): OH.

[14:48] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Well. Advanced Pilot course needs a HUGE face-lift. I will be training Sergeants, and perhaps Corporals, through trial runs that will qualify and help me figure out how that will play out for future reference. Please don't expect me to dump it all on you asap, but I'd love the hands-on assistance in running the trial-training sessions.

[14:48] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): That is all.

[14:49] Leggo Silverstar: I have a question.

[14:49] Leggo Silverstar: What does our HQ need?

[14:49] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Mini-Medbay at least.

[14:50] Leggo Silverstar: Hanger?

[14:50] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): I made one in our Dant. base because those Jedi.. Clones need to take care of clones. While they're nice, it just.. It was way across town and just bleh.

[14:50] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): briefing area, offices, kitchen, barracks, storage room, cells, maybe a hangar too

[14:50] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): If we have the primusage, a Heli-Pad of sorts for a LAAT would do.

[14:50] Leggo Silverstar: Hahaha!

[14:51] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): bathrooms to keep the tradition?

[14:51] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): NO. SHOWERS.

[14:51] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( HQ likely needs the basics, meeting room, barracks, medbay, maybe a few offices, and a detention level. ))

[14:51] Leggo Silverstar: Storage room? Expound please. That wasn't on my list of necessaries.

[14:51] Leggo Silverstar nods.

[14:51] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): No more Raven Shower Time Punishments. I have a broom giver. Sweep the floors instead.

[14:51] Blitz (Vash Plaid): Yes showers i miss those smexy RPs

[14:51] Blitz (Vash Plaid): Yes showers i miss those smexy RPs

[14:51] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( A small armory might be a good idea. ))

[14:51] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): storage room, a mix betwen a hangar and a supply room and an engineers room, might suit all needs if big enough

[14:51] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): I was scarred by Andy and Raven. No thanks.

[14:51] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Hur, Hur, Hur...

[14:51] Leggo Silverstar: Armory, good idea.

[14:51] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( I know that more than a few of our old base designs also had ceremonial halls. ))

[14:52] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): as a garage sort of thing, with working benchs, lots of crates, dismantled droids

[14:52] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): They were way to bright though.

[14:52] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): No light prims.

[14:53] Leggo Silverstar: Keep in mind, I would like to pay attention to what the outside of the building looks like and try to make the inside resemble on some small level, the inside of the outside that is placed there.

[14:53] Tapioca Pudding (Sophia Naumova): (( I think we should also have a mess hall. ))

[14:53] Leggo Silverstar nods.

[14:54] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): are we talking about dantooine or the new onderon, im mixed up on many levels here

[14:54] Blitz (Vash Plaid): New onderon

[14:54] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): new onderon i believe

[14:54] Leggo Silverstar: I was thinking we should have a lobby, so curious people on the street can come into our HQ and there is a place for them, even if it's only one room, where they can meet clones.

[14:54] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): kay, thought we was still on about dantooine

[14:54] Leggo Silverstar: We're talking about here, new Onderon.

[14:55] Blitz (Vash Plaid): I had the old idea of adding a café to the lobby

[14:55] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): if its open to the public, will most likely be empty, bored clones go ooc quiet fast and need privacy for it xD

[14:55] Leggo Silverstar: Just the lobby, not the whole base.

[14:55] Leggo Silverstar: Just the lobby, not the whole base.

[14:55] Leggo Silverstar: But, we don't have to.

[14:56] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): i like the idea of having a public entrance hall lobby thing, maybe have another lobby in the actual locked base too?

[14:57] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): or mess room, or place to hang out when ooc lazyness strikes?

[14:57] Leggo Silverstar: Oh make one of the other rooms lobbyish to attract the clones.

[14:58] Leggo Silverstar: Okay, so is there anything else that needs discussion?

[14:58] Blitz (Vash Plaid): You could make a central hall from where you can reach every facility inside the base

14:59] Leggo Silverstar: Sgt, let's hold off on the building until after we wrap up so we can actually put the stuff in the proper location.

[14:59] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): was just working out what we wanted, how it could piece together

[14:59] Leggo Silverstar: If everyone is done, I'll do some promotions and dismiss folks.

[14:59] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): roger that

[15:00] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Negative.

[15:00] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar) shakes head

[15:00] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon) shakes his head

[15:00] Leggo Silverstar: Okay.

[15:01] Leggo Silverstar: Well, I tried to consult with some of the higher ups about promotions, but, they're largely inactive so they couldn't help me.

[15:01] Leggo Silverstar: So I'm going to do the best I can.

[15:01] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Yeah....

[15:01] Leggo Silverstar: Three people have stood out for their awesome kick-buttery in the Urn conflicts of late.

[15:03] Leggo Silverstar: I apologize I'm not doing this with as much pomp as last time, but those three are Blitz, Striker, and 36.

[15:04] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): My children. Growing up so fast. ;u; <3

[15:04] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon) applauds with due cause

[15:04] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar) salutes the Commander

[15:04] PVT S-1936 Salutes respectfully

[15:05] Striker (VatoLoco Escobar): ahahah that applause xD))

[15:05] Leggo Silverstar: As recognition for their outstanding RP and involvement, especially being active and helping me to try and rebuild GAR.

[15:05] Leggo Silverstar: And just because I didn't recognize all of you today, doesn't mean I haven't noticed the efforts on the part of everyone for which I am most grateful.

[15:05] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): Pats on the butts for the promoted and a bottle of vodka for each. Very Happy

[15:07] Leggo Silverstar: You all are dismissed. Let me get them their promotions sorted out and I'll join the builders. I recommend, if you have time, to explore the new sim and/or hang around while we build.

[15:07] Viktor Brezhnev (sgt32 Aeon): for the promotions

[15:08] Spitfire (Adalwolfa Warblood): I'm assisting with another sim build / set up, so I've got to head out. I will be in IMs if anyone needs something. Like I said earlier about Pilots, feel free to ask.
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GAR Wide Meeting 8-8-2015
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