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 Rank Attachments

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Leggo Silverstar


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PostSubject: Rank Attachments   Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:03 pm

Now, this is just an idea I had, so don't anyone go saying that Leggo says this is what's going to happen. I'm just posting this to get people talking and thinking, but here's the idea.

For years people have been asking for attachments and decking their armor out with different do dads for different reasons. Some are functional, some are decorative, many have IC reasons. It has also been proposed on a few occasions that attachments be given out as incentives or rewards for different things. What I don't hear people caring a whole lot about are our colors, especially our rank colors. Therefore, my idea is this. Except for a few specific ranks or titles, all colors are abolished and replaced with attachments. I believe Shock Troopers, and possibly Commanders, should retain their colors and everyone else will have white armor with various attachments denoting their rank, Corps, and perhaps some other specialty. (I keep the Shock Troopers specifically because Shock Troopers in Star Wars were red, but in order to balance out this idea more stringent rules would have to be applied to them to maintain the purity of their special color pattern.) These rank and Corps attachments would be permitted to have some color (as we develop them) but would largely be white in order to match the white armor everyone is wearing. Making color pattern attachments would not be allowed as it would completely undermine the whole idea of replacing one with the other.

Now, please discuss this idea, as that was the point of me posting it here, not to make it law or even to just have it shot down but to get some good discussion and back and forth going and perhaps learn something from each other.
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PostSubject: Re: Rank Attachments   Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:35 pm

Interesting concept and I have to agree. The Purple and Orange color has been a pretty high topic between members of GAR since we have lost the whole squad aspect. With just A'denla and Udesla there has been the debate of why even have the colors if that is all that truly separates the two Legions. XO and CO and above could retain color while items could be used as rank. This in my honest opinion would leave the colors and patterns for other reasons.
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Vash Plaid


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PostSubject: Re: Rank Attachments   Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:32 pm

Thats a big step, if i understood it right you want to leave the armor white except for the Shock Troopers and make the ranks identifiable by attachments?

I'd keep the patterns and change the color to a neutral one and make the attachments represent their departments or role/ specialization
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PostSubject: Re: Rank Attachments   Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:11 pm

I sort of like both ideas, heres my opinion on both.
-Keeping it white will in a way promote equality, which is good and needed, but on the other hand will also force on clones "having" to wear certain attachments in order to display their rank. It gives out attachment motivation but takes away the pattern motivation, making the whole clone look not really change a lot through the whole IC char development.
-Making it a single legion or picking a neutral color for it, will keep things as they are now, which aint good or bad. As for attachments, like Vash said, should represent specialization.

And heres my idea, taking a little bit of both:
Considering our strengh and hopes comes mostly from the new blood and knowing our numbers are not yet big enough to support two legions, why not make every clone part of the 501st, leaving white armor for our NPC's? The idea is motivating and giving tools to both elder and new clones to "command" and deal with whatever situation they have to face. But, how can it be done? Simple, a ceremony, not really killing any legion IC, but having the Commander move "the very best of GAR" (everyone of us) to the 501st. If things keep getting better in the future (which they will if we aim at it) 501st will no longer be needed, as we will have quantity over quality again. No elitism, no exclusive gear, everyone equal and yet "the very best of GAR".
Having two legions has been pointless for more than an year at least so im up for whatever you all decide on that changes that.
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PostSubject: Re: Rank Attachments   

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Rank Attachments
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