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 GAR Wide Meeting 7-4-2015

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Leggo Silverstar

Leggo Silverstar

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GAR Wide Meeting 7-4-2015 Empty
PostSubject: GAR Wide Meeting 7-4-2015   GAR Wide Meeting 7-4-2015 EmptySat Jul 04, 2015 4:23 pm


- Join the forums!!!
- Duty Roster on forums.
- Patrol leader designates armor patterns to be worn.
- Onderon is returning to a full sim with a battle.
- Regular inter-GAR competitions in arena to be constructed.
- Cutter promoted to Major.
- Vash promoted to Corporal.
- Meetings and promotions to become regular.

Grand army meeting 04/07/2015 ((DD/MM/YYYY))
1500hrs SL time

Chair - Leggo Silverstar
Meeting log - sgt32 Aeon
witty comments - Andy Braveheart

[15:09] Leggo Silverstar: I was going to try to do an IC portion and an OOC portion but I never got it sorted out right so I'm just taking it OOC.
[15:11] Leggo Silverstar: Please bear with me. My daughter was fussy so she's in my lap right now and I'm trying to type.
[15:14] Leggo Silverstar: Thank you all for attending. A week ago I was told GAR was dead so I came back early from my focus on real life to revive GAR and you all have made my job so easy thus far. Our roleplay the other day on Dantooine was a lot of fun and showed me that many of you are ready to be active provided you are given something to do. I also want to thank Ashitakaru for the timely rescue that allows me to make parts of this meeting IC if I am able.
[15:21] Leggo Silverstar: I'm going to be instituting some changes to improve GAR's appearance in the community. However, in order to achieve this we need to start using the forums.
[15:22] Leggo Silverstar: There are a couple of older forums out there but we've run into trouble with the admins either going inactive or leaving GAR. Thus, while the new forum does not have the history the others do, I am the admin of it so we shouldn't have any problems with losing control over it.
[15:24] Marcel Dowding: Has anything actually been posted on the forums, I've just logged in and can't see any posts.
[15:24] Leggo Silverstar: One topic in the Council forums is all.
[15:25] Leggo Silverstar: If you all find any problems with it let me know and I'll work to correct them.
[15:27] Leggo Silverstar: Among other things, I plan on starting a duty roster which I will post on the forums.
[15:30] Leggo Silverstar: At this point I only plan to use it to station certain clones at certain posts which will rotate. We will have to work out a good use of this system together as I do not wish to bore any of you but only to better facilitate activity and roleplay for GAR and the sims we occupy.
[15:30] Valara Drayen-Kira (alayni.axelrad): ((Palace needs a toilet cleaner. JS.))
[15:31] Apollo (andy.braveheart): ((I can do the palace panty cleaning))
[15:32] Leggo Silverstar: Another change I am instituting is that patrol organizers/leaders may specify what armor is to be worn on the patrol they are leading.
[15:32] Apollo (andy.braveheart): By that do you mean which pattern?
[15:32] Leggo Silverstar: Yes.
[15:33] Leggo Silverstar: Thus if Marcel is leading a patrol to Kashyyyk and says he wants everyone to wear camo then everyone wears camo.
[15:34] Leggo Silverstar: If Vash is leading a patrol on Dantooine and wants everyone to wear whites while he himself wears his colors to help designate him as the leader on the excursion then he wears orange while everyone else wears whites.
[15:35] Leggo Silverstar: This measure is to better organize us and beautify (yes I just used that word) us while out among the community at large.
[15:36] Apollo (andy.braveheart): I plan to add 10 more ranks to GAR too so that will help alot with clearing confusion
[15:36] Leggo Silverstar blinks several times and says nothing.
[15:38] Leggo Silverstar: Now, for an announcement that hopefully will excite you.
[15:40] Apollo (andy.braveheart): Man i cant wait till he finishes typing, im excited all over
[15:40] Leggo Silverstar: It is my pleasure to announce that Onderon will be moving back to a full sim in roughly a months time. Details are being worked out, but Valara's desire is to do this with a bang, that is, a fight/war. Once we've settled into our new sim we will have the opportunity of expanding our facilities here with more prims. That leads to another item.
[15:41] Leggo Silverstar: Well, that was the exciting thing...
[15:42] Leggo Silverstar: With the added space we will be able to rebuild our arena and begin regular competitive matches, both team matches and singles matches.
[15:42] Leggo Silverstar: By all means, please do so, but be sure to include an arena like I said.
[15:44] Leggo Silverstar: I think that's all the OOC announcements for today although I'll give you a quick preview of things I hope to implement soon. Let's just say they include revisiting and better organizing regulations for attachments and weapons, but that will be for another time. Now for a little IC.


[15:47] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar): Captain A-3412, step forward please.
[15:48] Captain A-3412 "Cutter" would stand to attention, neatly marching towards the podium offering a brisk salute to the Commander, remaining still after his hand snapped down to his side
[15:49] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar) stepped out from behind the podium to face the Captain, returning his salute before continuing.
[15:52] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar): It is my honor, on this, the fourth of July, two thousand fifteen, to award to A-3412 the rank of Major, for outstanding commitment and devotion to the Grand Army of the Republic and for courage and valor in the rescuing of his commanding officer CC8695, as well as the other captured clones on Byss.
[15:54] Captain A-3412 "Cutter" would offer another salute towards the Commander ' Thank you sir!' he would say in a formal tone, his hand returning to his side, awaiting dismissal
[15:54] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar) turns to Shock Trooper E-7076 for the pauldron.
[15:57] Shock Trooper E-7076 "Apollo" would reach down under the podium to retreive the pauldron, quickly would unwrap it and place it between both arms and rest it at chest level while walking over to Cutter. Once stationed infront of him he would say "I will now Don your pauldron symbolising your promotion to major, congratulations" he would apply the pauldron over the majors head and strap it down onto his armor and step back and begin to clap
[15:58] J-5384 'Striker' 'd rise his fist in the air celebrating his brothers promotion
[15:58] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar): Major, I salute you.
[15:59] Captain A-3412 "Cutter" would remain still as the Pauldron was attached, returning the salute to the Commander ' Thank you sir'
[15:59] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar) salutes the clone.
[15:59] Valara Drayen-Kira claps as one of her favorite soldiers was promoted so deservingly.
[15:59] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar): You may return to your seat Major.
[15:59] Captain A-3412 "Cutter" would fall out to his side, neatly marching back too his seat, when sat down adjusting the pauldrons slightly, getting used to their weight
[16:01] Shock Trooper E-7076 "Apollo" would await for the commander to return to post infront of the poduim, once there he would call out " P-1215, Front and Center!"

(A long ass wait for vash to finish his game of candy crush, and marcel getting up and retreating back to his seat after embarressment)

[16:08] CT - P-9286 is Vash.
[16:11] CT - P-1215 gets nudged off the bench, waking up, he'd quickly march over and go to attention, awaking the fate, hopefully he wouldn't get introuble for falling asleep, cause hes Vash.
[16:13] Shock Trooper E-7076 "Apollo" would step out from the podium and post directly infront of Blitz. He would read out "Attention to Grand Army of the Republic Orders, as of 04JUL15 the trooper Blitz who stands before me will be promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal for outstanding service and time in grade" he would give a crisp salute and then a handshake with his left hand while with his right he would hand him his rank ensignia. Once the return salute was issued he would call "About Face!" then the congrats from the stand would commence and he would walk back to his seat
[16:14] CT - P-1215 would salute, then shake the Shock Troopers hand, he'd mouth thank you, then realise he was wearing a helmet and that was pointless, just like that line he wrote. He'd turn crisply on his heels and march back to his seat
[16:17] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar): Thank you E-7076.
[16:17] Commander CC8695 "Star" (Leggo Silverstar): We will be holding these meetings, and hopefully promotions as well, more regularly than we have in the past. I shall announce the next meeting shortly. ((Either the 25th or the week after.)) Dismissed!
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GAR Wide Meeting 7-4-2015
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