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 Recon of Mimban

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PostSubject: Recon of Mimban   Recon of Mimban EmptyMon Dec 26, 2016 8:08 pm

Grand Army of the Republic - ARMY - Udesla/A'denla Company

From: Major F7414 "Snoop"

To: Clone Council
Subj: Reconnaissance on Mimban

1. OVERVIEW: A squad consisting of seven soldiers was dispatched to the planet Mimban and landed on the surface. The squad split into two fire-teams and proceed in opposite directions, one West and one East. The two discovered untouched technology such as a untouched shuttle and a fighter which had crashed into one of the bodies of water, a small settlement that hadn't been used for ages, and ruins which were an apparent worshiping ground as proven by a charred body discovered within.

2. INTELLIGENCE OVERVIEW:  No local or wild-life upon the planet. Severe weather which can hinder communications, soldier's vision, and aircraft in the sky.


A. No Hostility
1. The planet's surface completely lacked any life outside that of the vegetation entangling the planet. This leaves potential for future use of heavier machinery to aid in the mission such as tanks or walkers without the issue of a diplomatic incident involving a local being injured.

A. Weather
1. The weather had proved to be the number one difficulty faced during the mission. Communications are vulnerable and can be cut short due to the extreme weather. A deployable antenna is recommended for any future missions in order to keep comms alive however it is not likely to last. Also vision and sound on the surface was little to none due to the heavy rain constantly falling, leaving the teams constantly vulnerable to a hit and run assault. Another major issue revolved around air support and potential future EVAC. The extreme weather made it difficult for any pilot even with proper training to operate in the atmosphere under the intense weather conditions.
5. RECCOMENDATIONS: It has been determined that the best course of action in the future is to have clones travel in small fire-teams of three to four troopers. These men are required to have training in proper survival skills in order to ensure that in the event of a comm-blackout due to poor weather the troopers are able to proceed without potential causalities. It is also requested that a small engineer team with a fire-team escort be dispatched to look into the ruins and potentially find any information regarding the whereabouts of the planet's life. Also future pilots should be prepared to undergo the worst within the storms ravaging the planet.

6. SUMMARY: The planet lacked any inhabitants both locals and wild-life. The most that was found were eerie ruins providing little information regarding the lacking of life upon the planet. The squad preformed beyond expectations and are commended for their efforts. Future missions are required to learn more.

-F7414 "Snoop"-

Recon of Mimban ELnp1w

Logs by Corporal S-1936 "Cuddles"

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Recon of Mimban
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