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 Star Wars Roleplay Network

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PostSubject: Star Wars Roleplay Network   Star Wars Roleplay Network EmptySat Jan 07, 2017 5:53 pm

As today the the SWRN has been established after weeks of planning and organization by the various sims of the community. Essentially this will be a community that will unite the sims and groups together, allowing the sim and group owners of swrp to plan and organize rp and coordinate on a forum both OOCly and ICly without having to communicate on loosely and unorganized notecards and IMs as the community's done in the past and finally get people moving again. What does this mean? Basically expect a whole lot more rp to be coming to us. This will include all things, including more war(FCC and Meter), diplomacy, and events on and off Onderon with the sith and other groups on SWRP.

The current sims and groups that are now apart of the network are:
► Bespin
► Byss & Dromund Kaas
► Dantooine
► Kalee
► Mimban
► Onderon/Dxun
► Teth
► Yavin IV

I will be serving as one of the three representatives of Onderon and will be doing my best to involve GAR in as much as possible. Expect a lot to be coming soon. Also, if any of you have ideas for potential rp events, forward them to me and I will make sure they are put forward to the rest of the community to consider and potentially make happen.
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Star Wars Roleplay Network
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