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 The Shard of Alderaan

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Leggo Silverstar

Leggo Silverstar

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PostSubject: The Shard of Alderaan   Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:37 am

On Thursday, the 9, New Alderaan is unveiling a shard from the planet Alderaan at a ceremony. I would like a detachment of clones to attend. Unfortunately, I will be unable to log on, probably for the rest of the week. I do not know the time for the event, so you all will have to find that our for yourselves but please organize some troopers to go and give GAR a presence there.

Also, a GM of New Alderaan expressed an interest in having GAR come help them this Saturday with an RHCS battle when a raid is scheduled to be conducted against them. This has not been set up ICly yet and, like with the unveiling ceremony, I do not know what time it is scheduled. It would be advantageous for us if we are able to help them and show the community that we're still here and ready to be involved.

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PostSubject: Re: The Shard of Alderaan   Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:36 pm

New Alderaan GM's are planning to reschedule both events (Alderaans Shard ceremony and the raid) for next weekend. Date and time is to be confirmed on Wednesday. Ill try keeping it updated.

Update 13/07/15:
Shard and raid events havent been scheduled yet.
However, we've been invited to join a space battle aiding New Alderaan and its Militia against a new sith group trying to block their rute with other Federation planets. Heres the rules:


1. The RPers will meet at a predermined sim location and rez small objects that represent their ship
2. Ships will be either cruisers or starfighters
3. A maximum of 2 Rpers will pilot a cruiser while a single RPer will pilot a starfighter
4. Combat will be in the form of a ship space battle and will be FFC based RP combat and not meter based combat
5. AOWCS dice will be used
6.  Any reasonable skill maybe used e.g. rolling physical to pilot the ship in a tight extreme G Force turn to avoid a disrupter or blaster fire however and example of an unreasonable skill would perhaps be using a lightsaber skill to attack an opposing ship
7. AOWCS standard FFC rules apply, if you are unfamiliar with this read the rules which come along with AOWCS
8. No dice bonuses will be allowed
10.  The RPers may agree to keep the numbers RPers equal for either side.  This may be kept uneven by mutual agreement e.g. 3 vs 2 or 4 vs 3 etc as agreed
11. Any disputes will be ruled by an OOC GM who is not taking part in the RP
12. Cruisers will carry a health setting of 6 and Starfighters will carry a health setting of 3
13. On reducing the health to 0 by winning the dice rolls the opposing ship is destroyed
14. Once the ship is destroyed the RPers can decide whether to board the ship and engage in individual combat (either FFC or meter) however if the defender wins they win their leg of the battle
15. The side that wins the most number of battles (destroys most of the opposing fleet or wins individual combat on boarding the opposing ship) wins the battle
16. Opposing pilots cannnot be captured unless agreed and defeated in individual combat
17. Pilots defeated in individual combat can be captured if they agree to it but this is subject to individual RP limits
18. Defeated Pilots would need to RP their medical recovery before they can RP again as normal to maintain RP consistency.

We will need 4 Pilots for this tho anyone capable and interested could be considered to join.
If interested in joining, send me an IM or reply this post! We will schedule it together, probably for next weekend. Suggestions are welcomed too.

CPL J-5384 'Striker'
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Vash Plaid

Vash Plaid

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PostSubject: Re: The Shard of Alderaan   Sat Jul 18, 2015 8:34 am

The Event has been reschedulded again, its happening next week. No clear date confirmed.

Also they're in need of RHCS or AoWCS fighters.

For the AoWCS Ship battle we shall tell them when we're ready and they'll tell us a date.
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PostSubject: Re: The Shard of Alderaan   

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The Shard of Alderaan
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