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 Excavation on Mimban

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PostSubject: Excavation on Mimban   Excavation on Mimban EmptyFri Feb 03, 2017 10:12 pm

<-----------------------GRAND ARMY COMMAND REPORT---------------------->

Subject: Grand Army Mission Report
Security Level: RED
Intended Recipient: Chain of Command
Document: DA02
Version: 2.0

-The holographic image of the Major emits from your standard-issued projector

"Attention troopers, in these coming days we shall be preparing to escort an Excavation team of Onderon's finest scientists to the dark planet of Mimban to observe the ruins and determine the origin. It is unknown what potential forces lay in wait for us, whether it be smugglers or even wildlife. The civilian lives will be a top priority. The communications and our vision will be shoddy out there, but we shall make it work with proper field equipment. We'll have a vessel in the sky functioning as the command center. This information is to remain within the military, and words spoken outside our bounds could potentially compromise the mission and jeopardize the safety of the civilians that we will be responsible for. Any additional information regarding the mission will be announced by myself should something arise, so stay alert."

-The holographic image of the Major would fade out
((So essentially next Friday we will be preforming escorting scientists to ICly explore the ruins which we had found on the previous missions. We will be using the dice system SW:RPG at the request of 'other' forces partaking in this event. I'd like it you you'd all pick up a copy and get used to it. It is essentially like the old AoWCS, you just have points depending on how old your character is OOCly. Also if you can partake i'd like it if you could send me an IM and post on the thread with your name and rank so I can be aware how many people we will have attending. I will have a time set on here soon, so be sure to check this thread tomorrow, especially if the date is moved back to the weekend depending in people's schedules. I hope to see many of you attending, it'll certainly be a major point gainer in the new ranking system which will soon be released officially in the coming days.))

DATE: February 10th
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Excavation on Mimban
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